W&W Woman - The interview series featuring Rosie Shelton, Founder of Luna & Rose

Rosie shares with us how her beautiful Luna & Rose brand (Sustainable Jewellery & Accessories) was created. Plus a few Bali tips and her new collection inspired by Serena Williams!...

Tell us a bit about yourself and the Luna & Rose journey?

Oh hai… My name is Rosie and I am the main lady behind Luna & Rose.

Cutting a Long story short, back in 2011 I went on a Game Show, won a small amount of money and was looking for a special piece of jewellery to mark such an outrageous life experience. Everything on the market at the time was very serious and ‘normal’ with no story behind the pieces. I not only wanted something that had been crafted responsibly, I also wanted a piece with meaning and something unique that I would look at and remember that memory and how hilarious that Game Show experience was.

I was also at a standstill with my job in the Fashion Industry at the time and looking for a new challenge so everything just rolled together nicely. I had recently been on a trip to Bali with some girlfriends and had seen the amazing Silversmiths work here, not to mention I loved the idea of living in a permanent Summer paradise! I worked like a Trojan and saved up for the next 8 months, packed my bags, sold most of my life ‘assets’ and headed North to start Luna & Rose.

Bali has now become one of my homes and I absolutely love the feeling of flying in here. The warmth, the people, the food and the lifestyle are all very aligned with the Luna & Rose brand. We’ll be here for a while with plans to expand into retail here in the next 12 months….


Why was creating a sustainable jewellery brand so important to you and what are the steps you have in place to ensure this?

The entire reason that Luna & Rose was born was out of a desire to share artisan stories, the creators behind the scenes that go unseen and ensure that whatever we were producing, that every person involved was being paid a fair wage, happy and our impact on the planet was as minimal as possible. It’s not just important it is the entire backbone of why I choose to produce and have my own brand.

Of course this comes with so much more research, slog, hard work, more research, back to the drawing board, re-designing… and all the rest but it has never been an option for me to simply add to the mass production that already exists so widely by choosing the easy path of bulk produced items that have no guarantee of both workers and material origin. I want to showcase the fact that we can produce sustainable, be ethically minded about our choices of production and still exist as a desirable, quality and beautiful jewellery label. By slowing down, not bowing down to the rapid pace of fast fashion and setting our own rules by working WITH the artisans rather than pushing them to fit within our moulds ensures everyone is happy along the way. We proudly produce all of our collections in a completely closed loop production method by which we use recycled sterling silver from old computer parts, phones and electronics which are then re-imagined and moulded into our jewellery designs.

Our T-Shirts are made from Organic Cotton, our solid dyed pieces from our Island Store are organically dyed with plant dyes and our printed pieces are printed to order, limiting any waste.

We are constantly looking for new developments and any further ways we can help improve and limit our impact on this precious planet and believe that as a brand producing an item, every single business on this planet should be doing the same.



You’re a kiwi that has spent time in Australia and now based in Bali – what a combo! Why does Bali have your heart and why the choice to manufacture there?

Bali, to me, is the perfect culmination of so many of my loves. Culture, warmth, Nature, Beautiful souls and of course, food. Choosing to live here allows me to work hands on with the artisans who create our pieces and maintain the connection and story of each piece we develop. Of course I could move back to New Zealand or Australia and continue to produce here with the same team of legends but it wouldn’t be the same for me. Yes of course part time it’s frustrating, it’s time consuming and it’s difficult as well, but honestly, it’s the people that keep me coming back here.


We love your Charity T-Shirts – how did this partnership with ‘Take 3 For The Sea’ come about and why is this so important to you?

Thank you! I’m a huge fan of the Take 3 for the Sea initiative and the work they are doing to spread awareness about the current global plastic pollution crisis. I was thinking about how we could give back through the brand and raise awareness within our community and had an idea to launch these Tee’s . I worked with a
couple of girls to come up with the designs and slogans and away we went! The crew at Take 3 for the Sea were stoked with how much we are able to donate
with each T-Shirt sold!

They’re also made from a super delicious soft organic Cotton that I love (and live in!) too.




What does a day in your life generally look like?

It’s a cliché but honestly…. No two days have ever been the same since I started my business! Right now, with the development of opening a store (or 2!) in Bali there is a fair bit more interior design research, Lawyer meetings, furniture design, agent meetings going down that usual. However a general day might include anything from getting on my scooter to check on a print design, popping in to visit my Wax supplier and check in on the designs he’s working on, emails, stocktake, content planning, graphic design, checking and balancing accounts….online store logistics, refreshing the website…. Just to name a couple of tasks…

In the past year I have been able to employ some absolute legends to help all of this madness and excitement come to fruit which is amazing but I just feel like the more you grow, the more balls there are to juggle....


We love your latest collection ‘STILL I RISE’ – what inspired this collection?

Funny you should ask! Serena Williams! Through a very chance meeting, my PR agent had an opportunity to meet with Serena Williams and tell her about Luna & Rose and our brand values. Serena absolutely loved it but due to her being a Jehovah Witness wasn’t able to wear our ST GERARD Motherhood pendant. And so we thought Hey – There is probably a bunch more amazing Mummas out there who may feel the same, let’s design a capsule collection honouring the strength of Motherhood and women without a ‘Saint’ connection!

And so the Still I rise collection was born. Highlighting 3 incredible women and their strength, determination and courage as an ode to all the incredible females out there in the universe and our connection to each other.




Kombucha, Cocktails or Coffee?!

Don’t make me choose! What time of day is it!? Can I start with Kombucha, an afternoon coffee and finish with a cocktail!?


We have to ask… best Bali eats?

Oh no, not another one! I’m a slight creature of habit so I have my favourites on repeat which are:
- Shady Shack (Their Rice Roll ups or the Nori Bowl)
- Sprout Café (Great coffee, the Trio of Salads and their Avocado on Toast!)
- Ulekan (The Karedok Salad is next level! Followed by a Banoffi Pie for desert because balance, right?)
- Falafel Temple does an insane Mezze platter.
- Warung Ambara (Or most warungs to be fair!) for a delicious Nasi Campur for lunch which is mixed veges/tempe etc with rice and you get to choose what you would like…. So good.

The food scene is insane here. I don’t know how I will ever be able to leave…. So spoilt!


Dream holiday destination? Where to next?

Morocco on my Mind! Or back to Italy….or Amsterdam or Maine in Northern USA…. And I’m dying to visit Raja Ampat here in Indonesia….Basically anywhere?


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