Moving to Sydney's Northern Beaches at similar times friends Laura and Carla discovered a newfound appreciation for responsible living choices,  a shared distaste in single-use plastics, and unnecessary household waste.   
Conversations were had about buying more sustainably for their families, and offering special items they had discovered on overseas travels that couldn’t be found in Australia..and WEAVE & WING was born.
The majority of products you will find on the website are sourced directly from the artisan - all suppliers are carefully researched, with many items coming from family run business' where the craft has been passed down over time.
 With a shared love of natural fibres, wooden products and garments that can be worn, loved and passed down (their new motto) Weave & Wing offers a lifestyle marketplace of thoughtfully curated, and ethically sourced home and children's wear - with the conscious consumer in mind.
Carla and Laura